What is the significance of the plastic pelletizing granulating machine?

The significance of the recycling of waste plastics is not only a simple waste, but also a more far-reaching and positive significance, mainly in two aspects of influence:
Plastic pelletizing granulating machine
1. The impact of waste plastics on the environment
Since plastics are widely used in the packaging of products, most of the disposable one-time use causes well-known white pollution. For example, the use of agricultural mulch has brought great development to agriculture, but the debris after use has caused film fragments to the soil stroke barrier layer, degrading the quality of cultivated land, hindering the development of plant roots and the absorption of water nutrients, and poisoning the soil. 
Plastic garbage is washed away by rain for a long time, and toxic additives in plastics will enter the groundwater, causing pollution in rivers and lakes, endangering human health! Therefore, various countries are also actively promoting the recycling technology of waste plastics, and the waste plastic pelletizing granulating machine is one of them. Recycling waste plastics by recycling, washing, crushing, dehydrating and drying.
2. The relationship between waste plastic recycling and energy
Modern plastics are basically products of petroleum. With the development of science and technology, oil recovery has risen sharply, and many countries have already faced the problem of energy shortage. Therefore, energy shortage has become a major factor in preventing social development, and the recycling of waste plastics will alleviate the increasingly serious shortage of resources to some extent.
So far, the world's production of plastic products has grown at a rate of more than 10% per year, resulting in an alarming amount of waste plastics. However, the recycling status of waste plastics in the world is not optimistic. Most of the waste plastics are landfilled.
In summary, the significance of the existence of waste plastic pelletizing granulating machine has a common goal with the recycling significance of waste plastics, and the plastic granulator is a way to realize the recycling of waste plastics.
Plastic granulators are divided into single screw granulators and twin screw granulators. The single-screw granulator can recover plastic film, woven bag, waste rayon fiber, greenhouse film, etc. The twin-screw granulator can recycle PET bottles (plastic beverage bottles), etc.