4.2m width PP spunbond nonwoven fabric extrusion machine

This is a customized machine for Russian customer to produce 4.2m width PP nonwoven fabric. Output is 8-12tons/day. GSM:15-150
After long time research and update, YAOAN nonwoven fabric making machine is working perfect. It has high output (8-12tons/day), fast linear speed (max 150m/min), good quality nonwoven fabric (15-150GSM). our nonwoven machine sold to all over the world. Customers are happy with machine and final nonwoven fabric quality, we get a lot of return orders.
Right now we have 3.2m SS type spunbond nonwoven fabric making machine and 1.6m S type spunbond nonwoven fabric making machine in our workshop which ordered by customer. If you have interest, please contact me and arrange a visiting.